About Winnipeg’s Got Sole

Winnipeg’s Got Sole was established by Frendell Cano, Jerry Legaspi and Johann Generao as a non-profit Winnipeg charity in 2013. The charity is focused on providing safe events and programs to further contribute to the growing Winnipeg sneakerhead scene while promoting charity amongst our community and city.

  • Winnipeg’s Got Sole promotes shoe releases and events through their social networks.
  • Donate gently used shoes collected for the less fortunate at their annual Winnipeg Sneaker Swap Expo.
  • Donate Winter coats and jackets collected at their Winter Outerwear Drive.
  • Rewarded student athletes from General Wolfe School with new shoes and gear for not only being great athletes but an inspiration to those around them.

To date, over 1000 pairs of used footwear and hundreds of Winter coats and jackets have been donated to their partnered charities, Siloam Mission and Basketball Manitoba.

If you have a pair of gently worn shoes or jackets you would like to donate, please contact us.

Winnipeg’s Got Sole has set out to complete these missions:

Connect & engage people in Winnipeg, both non-sneaker and sneakerheads alike through local events and initiatives.

Promote & support the rapidly growing sneaker culture in Winnipeg, Manitoba with news & releases

Give back to our surrounding communities by donating gently used sneakers with the help of our charity partners

President, Co-Founder

Frendell Cano

“We often buy sneakers whenever we want, wherever we want. However, there are those who are less fortunate in our own backyard who can’t even afford to buy one decent pair. Why not make a difference and give back to our community one shoe at a time…”


Jerry Legaspi

“I want to encourage people to make a difference and set an example for my kids. I’d like for my kids to look at me and say, ‘You’re a good guy Dad.'”


Johann Generao

“We are taking this opportunity to pay it forward, to motivate at least 1 person to give back to charity and in turn motivate another to do the same.”